The following is an extract from Truly Independent Founder, Andrew Goodwin’s new book “Work to Wealth”


Who should read this book?

While this book is for everyone, I’d like young people to read it because they often have a skewed perception of work and earnings, particularly school sixth-formers and college students since the earlier they learn about money, the better advantage they can take of the opportunities available to them.

Only the top 1% of all adults earn more than £120,000 per annum. Young people believe it is more like 10%. They can be further surprised to learn that the remaining 99% earn an average of around £30,000. This perception is distorted by possessions and perceived lifestyles. When young people see images of someone driving an expensive car or standing next to a five-bedroom house or sunbathing on a luxury yacht, they don’t see that the earnings required to sustain this lifestyle are above £250,000 per year. In fact. only the top 0.5% receive this level of income.

We are taught to gain qualifications that will lead us to employment. In turn, this employment will provide an enjoyable life followed by a satisfying retirement, we hope: the higher the qualification, the better the career and the earlier we may be able to afford to retire. While this principle may be true, we are taught nothing about money, mortgages or alternative ways of living. This book is aimed at everyone since everyone can save, invest and accumulate assets. Everyone can have an independent financial adviser too and everyone should do.


Why I’m writing this book

Drawing on my time working in the financial industry, years of study and culminating in having built a multi-million-pound business, I aim to share my knowledge with the reader.

I have an honours degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics and have worked in financial services for more than twenty-five years, gaining valuable experience on how financial advice is distributed across the UK. I have seen changing business models and changing technology and survived downturns when many others have failed.

The knowledge and experience I have gained have allowed me to write an Amazon #1 bestseller, The Happy Financial Adviser. In 2010 I set up my own firm called Truly Independent Ltd, providing independent financial advice across the UK, which now has UK-wide distribution and is well known in the industry. Separately, the actions I have taken with my personal income have made me wealthy, not just the actions taken to grow the company.

If you know how working can help you to achieve your dreams, even from the lowest of beginnings, you will view work differently because that is where your wealth starts.

This book will teach the reader how to achieve wealth by explaining the issues we face every day and providing a route to solve these problems. Those who follow this route with hard work, effort and energy will achieve their dreams.

I have assetised my income; why don’t you?


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